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MycoMedica is a purely Czech family company founded in 2010The founder is Milan Schirlo, who has been dealing with vital mushrooms and traditional Chinese medicine for 20 years:'When we founded the company, we set ourselves the goal of producing high-quality and accurate products which would really help people.' And we are successful in it. Every year, more than a quarter of a million customers from all over the world buy our products. We are happy for that. The care, quality of the products and the thorough approach paid off for us.


However, Chinese medicine does not mean just vital mushrooms, but mainly medicinal herbs or Yao. And they are contained within our second brand, YaoMedica. A range of 102 herbal tinctures based on traditional recipes known and used for thousands of years. While vital mushrooms balance and harmonize the human body gently and for a long time, YaoMedica herbal tinctures are intended for acute and precisely targeted problems and are used only until the problem disappears.

We decided to transfer everything that vital mushrooms and herbs have taught us so far to the world of cosmetics. We told ourselves that what helps from within will help from outside. We started from the basic idea of traditional Chinese medicine (generally from Eastern philosophy), from finding and maintaining a delicate balance between the two basic forces of nature, Yin and Yang. The power of Yin and the power of Yang are two connected parts of one whole, two opposite and complementary forces that are found in everything around us. They are in constant motion. One force takes power over the other and vice versa. An endless cycle. Alternation of day and night. The changing of seasons. And in fact, human life is just one big yin and yang cycle.


If we want to be healthy and vital, we should live in harmony and maintain this fragile balance of Yin and Yang. Each extreme or one-sided behaviour disturbs this balance. And it is reflected not only in the condition of the internal organs and physiological processes of our body, but also in the condition and quality of the skin and hair.

CareMedica cosmetics is designed to help maintain this balance. This natural cosmetics will delight you with its simplicity, purity and quality of ingredients. Our philosophy is simple. In our company, we respect each other and we approach nature with the same respect. That is why we have selected for the production of CareMedica cosmetics only those ingredients that are environment-friendly and that your skin will fall in love with. The highest quality herbal extracts, vital mushroom extracts and active natural ingredients.

We chose the following as the main active substances:

Reishi or the 'mushroom of immortality'. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, it supports our defensive energy and vitality. In cosmetics, it supports the nourishment and hydration of the skin, hair growth and regeneration. It has significant anti-aging effects.

Maitake - a mushroom that is known for its positive effects on human metabolism. It also supports the metabolism of skin cells, which improves the condition of the skin and eliminates the possibility of inflammation in the skin.

Shiitake - a mushroom known for its ability to restore Wei Qi (defensive energy), which also supports the healthy condition of the skin, soothes its irritation and regenerates the hair roots.

Cordyceps - a fungus, which is the largest 'charger' of energy of all vital mushrooms. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, it strengthens the kidneys and lungs. In cosmetics, it is used for its ability to keep the skin soft, brighten it and prevent wrinkles. It has anti-aging effects.

Chinese knotweed - a herb that, according to Chinese medicine, nourishes the blood and essence of the kidneys and liver, and thus promotes healthy hair growth and quality.

Mongolian milkvetch - a herb which, according to Chinese medicine, significantly stimulates total energy, acts against free radicals and protects the skin.

Ginseng, which is considered to be the strongest adaptogen (a plant product that increases the body's ability to better adapt to changing external conditions). It increases the body's resistance during difficult periods, supports the immune system, reduces fatigue and supplies energy. In cosmetics, it helps to add hydration and shine to the hair.

In our company, we respect each other as well as each of our customers. Whether a long-term or new, indecisive or experienced therapist, a customer with a lot of questions or one who needs to gain trust in products he or she does not yet know. We approach everyone openly and kindly. We advise, explain and look for solutions. And it seems that this is exactly what you like about us and why you support our company.

What else do we offer?

- for our products, free consulting
- for orders over CZK 2,000, free shipping
- for large orders, discounts: purchases over CZK 4,000 - 5% discount on total purchase (not valid for wholesale), purchases over CZK 8,000 - 10% discount on total purchase (not valid for wholesale)

Our intuition led us on the path of the new CareMedica brand. We believe that you will set out on this journey with us.

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