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Join us in supporting the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children

By purchasing our product, you will help young people who have experienced childhood and adolescence in institutional care, with the cost of university studies. The path to education is difficult at the very beginning of life, sometimes almost blind, for children from children's homes. With your support, disadvantaged students can make their dream come true. From each product sold, MycoMedica sends CZK 5 to the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children.

About the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children

The basic mission of the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children is to enable every child to grow up in a family.

It may seem like a seemingly simple goal, but more than 24,000 children grow up in institutions in our country. Due to this fact, the Czech Republic ranked among the leading countries in Europe, in the number of children growing up outside their own family. Our republic is the first in Europe in terms of children placed in institutional care (per 100,000 inhabitants), leaving behind e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and other countries.

In order to help change this unfavourable situation, the activities of the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children are focused on the following three pillars of support, namely:

  1. prevention of unwanted removal of the child from the family environment. We believe that it is best for a child to be in their own biological family, so we offer vulnerable families specific help through professional non-profit organizations. The foundation in the given area supports, for example, field work, assistance and consulting services for families in crisis, various therapies, seeks to change the system, etc.
  2. support in substitute family care If the prevention mechanisms fail and the child is still removed from the family environment, we strive to significantly shorten their stay in institutional care. By supporting the extension of all forms of substitute family care and the professionalization of foster care, we strive to ensure the safety and kind embrace of a substitute mother and father for a child as quickly as possible.
  3. compensation for the shortcomings of institutional care is an area connected with the support of children growing up in infant institutions and children's homes. A young person who has spent most of their life in institutional care needs help with integrating into independent life. Therefore, education, general development and also the effort to give these children equal opportunities to participate in independent lives after leaving a children's home are primarily supported in this area.
The purpose of the Foundation is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to disadvantaged and abandoned children to enable them to live a healthy and safe life in a family environment.
Thank you for your interest. It too can change a lot.
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